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Past Present & Future it's all about.... DANCE!!!

National & International Choreographer,
Dance Instructor & Dj
Member of The Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance, B.W.D.A. D&G Qualified

      Alan began dancing around 1995/1996 up until that time he had NEVER danced!!!  Alan's first major success came in 2001 with a dance he co-choreographed with Pat Stott called 'Devil In Disguise', which went on to become a dancefloor favourite both here in the UK and worldwide - it is a testament to the talents of both choreographerrs this is still being requested today.  During that same year Alan was asked by Sue Weston (Bossy Boots) if he would teach his latest offering - Don't Stop Movin' to a track of the same name by SClub7 (a totallly phrased dance in three sections) at her first ever monthly workshop in Ombersley.  He was also approached by Tim Ruzgar (CBA Dj & Linedancer Magazine contributor - Tim's Tasty Tips) whom he'd met at a local L.D.T.A. (Line Dance Teachers Association) Charity Event) to teach Don't Stop Movin' at the Manchester Superstars event - an honour which to this day is still one of Alan's precious memories.

   The dance went on to earn Alan his first Crystal Boot at the 4th Crystal Boot Awards becoming Linedancer Magazine's Advanced Dance Of The Year 2002.  During the awards weekend Alan was to have his first 'recognised' encounter with Maggie 'G'.  This was during a 'performance' of her dance - Shake Your Tail Feather' this resutled in a firm long-lasting freindship.  Alan worked closely with Maggie helping to create the fun show times at her popular weekends events held at Pontins in Southport & Maggie's dance breaks Spain, Portugal, Greece & Turkey.

    During 2002 Alan wrote what was to become one of the first modern 'classic' country dances of the new millenium - 'Somebody Like You' to a Keith Urban track of the same name.  It quickly established itself as a dance floor favourite due to the track having the unique ability to appeal to both 'Country & Pop fans' alike, a rare acheivment!.  These ingredients proved a winning formula with Alan once again during the '5th Crystal Boot Awards' winning Linedancer magazines's Advanced Dance Of The Year 2003.  The dance remined so popular throughtout 2003 that once more  at the '6th Crystal Boot Awards'  received the Advanced Dance Of The Year 2004 - this had never before been achieved, not only had Alan won the same award for three consecutive years - but twoe were for the same dance!  It is a credit to the music and the dance that it could achieve this accolade.

    Alan had also been asked to teach at the 7th Crystal Boot Awards (February 2004) where he released 'Hot Fudge' to a Robbie Williams track of the same name which recieved a resounding cheer & appaulase from all present.  Alan had several dancefloor hits during the year to differing styles of music both country & pop which helped to establish himselve as one of the U.K's most consistent choreographers. In 2008 Alan & Jacqui hosted their first 'Kingshill' weekend in Morecambe - which was followed in 2009 by weekends in Scarborough & St. Annes.  Then in November 2010 'Kingshill' invited Alan to DJ & co-host the 'Cracker' weekend at the Norbreck Castle in Blackpool alongside Rob Fowler.  It proved to be a massive success - to read more about the event 'Click Here'.  Kingshill weekend breaks conitnue to be a parts of Alan & Jacqui's annual calender. 

     In January 2010 Alan was invited to teach at the 10th Crystal Boot Awards.  Where he released 'Thank You' to track by Seal of the same name.  Whilst at these awards Alan's dance 'Human-Dancer' to The Killers 'Human' won him another Crystal Boot for Intermediate Dance Of The Year 2009.  Alan has a total of 5 Crystal Boots for his dance choreography.    Over the years Alan has continued to write dances to suit all levels - teaching both nationally and Internationally.  His dances include the hits: Wave On Wave, Before The Devil, Whole Lot Of Leavin' No More Cloudy Days, Heal Ma, Texas Time, Underdog, Don't You Worry.  

On an international level Alan & Jacqui have taught in: Holland, Sweden, Singapore, Australia, Portugal, Spain, France, & Turkey they  also taught at the 2010 Tampa Bay Classic in Florida (USA) were they taught: Edge Of Desire - John Mayer, This Could Be.. - Craig David, Sign Your Name - Michael Bolton, Minimal - Pet Shop Boys & Calpe Rock - ELO's All Over The World - to read more about our American Adventure 'Click Here'  or to watch a video 'Click Here'


      In 2015 They where asked to teach at The Canadian Line Dance Classic   were they taught - 'Listen To The Music - Doobie Brothers (Motive edit)'  'Snow In Vegas - David Gray & LeAnn Rimes ' 'A Dance With No Name - Michael Jackson (A Town With No Name)'  'Powerful Stuff - Rascal Flatts' 'Pointless - The Brilliant Things' & 'Human-Dancer - The Killers (Human)' to read more 'Click Here'   or to watch a  video  'Click Here'

    In 2020 during the first ever ELD awards 'Somebody Like You' was awarded the 'Dance Of All Time' Award.  Since the dance was released in 2002 it has never been out of  the Linedancer top 20 charts frequently being nominated and rareley dropping below the top 5/10.   To recognise that acheivment at the 27th Crystal Boot Awards (2023) it was 'Special Recogniton Award' Alan was 'gobsmacked' to say the least.  Alan has gone from strength to strength and is not afraid to write to all styles of music, but his love of rock music and 'clever' lyrics has never left and he continues to write only 'top' drawer music (in his opinion).  Although he has worked and formed many close freindships with some of the world's top celebrities, it has never changed his outlook and remains very true to his roots.  Alongside 'Alan B's Nuline dance classes - held in Bolton (Greater Manchester) and Preston (Lancashire) Alan & Jacqui host 4 Seasonal Socials and an Annual Summer Break dance weekend in St. Annes, nr Blackpool, Lancashire UK - All under the Nuline banner from 2011.

   Alan has long belived that the dance scene in which he was 'baptised' has changed beyond all recognition, it now incorporates all styles of music  and dance genres, and as such he encourages dancers to be tolerant and welcome the many different styles.  Joining 'Nuline' dance was a natural progression as it advocates everything he has always believed....

.....Thanks for reading!!

Alan & Jacqui are members of 'Nuline dance' whose misson statement is...

To preserve and perpetuate this form of dance on a global basis.

National & International Choreographer, Dance Instructor & DJ 

Member of the Guild of Professional Teachers of Dance.  B.W.D.A.  D&G Qualified