Rock My World

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ROCK MY WORLD – DJ’s                  

Alan G Birchall (April 03)

Dance: Four-Wall
Steps/Count: 32&
Music: Rock My World – DJ Bobo
CD: Visions      BPM: 120      Start: On Main Lyrics     Count: 32
Alt: Fake – Simply Red
CD: Home      BPM: 115      Start: On Lyrics      Count: 48
Country Alternative: Heavy Liftin’ – Blake Shelton
CD: The Dreamer      BPM: 110      Start: On Lyrics      Count: 32


Toe Touch’s, Step, Bounce ¼ Turn, Stutter Step ¼ Turn
1& Touch Right Toe To Right, Step Right By Left
2& Touch Left Toe To Left, Step Left By Right
3& Touch Right Toe Forward, Step Right By Left
4 Step Or Stomp Forward On Left
5&6 Bounce ¼ Turn Right       3:00
7&8 Making ¼ Turn Right Tap Right Toe Forward 3 Times
Weight Ends On Right Foot 6:00

Rock, Hook, Lock Step, Full Turn, Side Shuffle
1-2 Lunge/Lean Forward With Upper Body, Recover On Left Whilst Hooking Right Over Left
Add Attitude! Bow Head Down As you Lean Forward, Then Throw Head Back As You Recover On Left
3&4 Step Forward On Right, Lock Left Behind, Step Forward on Right
5-6 Step On Left Making ½ Turn Right, Making ½ Turn Right Step Forward On Right
Or Walk Forward Left, Right Note: The Full Turn Is Done On The Ball Of The Left Foot
7&8 Step Left To Left, Step Right By Left, Step Left To Left  
¼ Sailor Turn Left, STEP ½ PIVOT, CHARLESTON, Lock step
1&2 Step Right Behind Left, Step Left To Left Making ¼ Turn Left, Step Forward On Right        3:00
3-4 ½ Pivot Left, Touch Right Toe Forward       9:00
5-6 Step Back On Right, Touch Left Toe Back
7&8 Step Forward On Left, Lock Right Behind Left, Step Forward on Left

1-2 Rock Forward on Right, Recover On Left
3&4 Step Back On Right, Step Left By Right, Step Forward On Right
&5-6 Step Forward On Left, Touch Right Beside Left ‘Popping’ Right Knee, Hold
&7-8 Step Back On Right, Touch Left In Front Of Right ‘Popping’ Left Knee, Hold
& Step Left By Right 

Finish DJ Bobo: At the end of the song you will have completed 11 walls and facing 3:00
Dance the first 4 Counts Turn ¾ Right to Face The Front Legs End Crossed

Simply Red: The Dance Finish’s Facing The Front Wall